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Nephew has a Bright Future

img_1357I shaped this 5′ board for my nephew; the young goofy footer. I had an old blank in the back of the shop that someone else attempted to shape. The outline was way to thin so it went to waste. I cut 1.5′ off the nose and made a mini retro twin fin.

2 New to the Quiver

Put the finishing touches on 2 new boards just in time for the summer flatness. These were odd boards as one was shaped with an old Clark Foam blank that had a 5″ cut out of the tail so I had to adjust accordingly. The 6’2″ was shaped from a 6’6″ blank which probably should have been a gun, notice bigger stinger (on left).

Details –

The Plover (right) – 6′ x 20 x 2 3/8

Inspiration for the Plover (notice plover image below) was derived from the the Rusty Mod-Fish, with some variations of course. A super fast board and with the twin-fin setup will make this one skatey.

Shortboard – 6’2″ x 19.25 x 2 1/4

A pretty standard shortboard, a inch shorter than my everyday board. {no pic available}

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