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Nice mentioned of our work over the years on Warm Current.

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Shaping the Northwest

Sailing Away From Safe Harbors

Four years ago this week I started SwellPath. There admittedly wasn’t much, just a name, a logo and me.  It was mid-2008, not long after the market crashed and folks were freaking.  Throwing all caution to the wind, I quit my job and just started.

It was rocky. For 6 months I worked out of my bedroom, slugging it out and nearly giving in to offers of a paycheck, co-workers and offices with heat. I stuck with it and found a partner who also liked working out of cafes and wearing winter jackets inside. Adam and I bootstrapped SwellPath with a very simple strategy – do great work and great things will come.

That’s what we did and still do, great work for great clients.  I owe much of our success over the last 4 years to our early clients who gave us a chance, friends who got us budgets, employees who shared our vision, the Portland community for supporting us and our significant others for putting up with us.

Four years later, I’m leaving SwellPath.

I’m leaving for an idea. It’s an idea that SwellPath provided and fostered. It’s an idea that there’s a better way for marketers to leverage their data. I’m leaving to launch a new marketing analytics startup, Measureful. I’ll be working under the guidance of Upstart Labs and their talented team. More on this to come…

It’s bittersweet. It’s an exciting opportunity but I’m leaving a company I helped build. I’m proud of what we accomplished and am encouraged by the fact that SwellPath is in great hands and growing. SwellPath afforded me this opportunity and owe it to everyone along the way to turn this idea into a reality. So it’s time again to throw off the bowlines and sail away from the safe harbor.

Thank you SwellPath; Adam, the team, clients and all who made this an incredible experience for me.



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